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Introducing NANO_MATES

The Research Centre NANO_MATES (Research Centre for NANOMAterials and nanoTEchnology at University of Salerno) was established in August 2007. It is a research network within the University Campus aiming at accomplishing a strong synergy between scientists active in nanoscience and nanotechnology at the 8 Departements joining in the Centre.

NANO_MATES is an original academic initiative based in South Italy whose mission is to establish the infrastructure for the research and education needs in the very challenging field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Today NANO_MATES gathers more than 70 faculty members and 100 research associates, Ph.D. and post doc students from the Departments of Chemical and Food Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical and Information Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physics, and Civil Engineering.

NANO_MATES benefits from extensive scientific competences and available facilities supporting a cross-disciplinary approach to either the comprehension of basic mechanisms or the realization of novel products and processes in the framework of academic and industrial collaborations.

Last Modified 2012-03-07